Three Improvements To Modern Home Security Cameras

Security systems are becoming more popular because they give a homeowner piece of mine, but they are also a very good burglar deterrent. There have been significant improvements to security systems over the past few years. One piece of equipment that has been significantly upgraded is a security camera. Here are a few different improvements that have been made to a security camera to make them a fantastic addition to any home security system.

5 Ways To Prevent Employee Theft In A Non-Confrontational Way

Protecting the bottom line for your business needs to be done in multiple areas. While your employees should be trusted, your business could lose a lot of money if employees are committing suspicious activities. Instead of confronting employees directly, you can keep your business protected and prove any guilt through a number of commercial security system features. The following five features can be installed into a new security system or adapted to a system that you already have.

Options You Have When It Comes To Fire Alarm Systems

By law, all commercial businesses and buildings are required to have a fire alarm system. The type of system you need varies based on the size of your building, number of occupants and what is being stored or produced in the building. However, as a general rule of thumb, most fire alarm systems must alert the occupants when smoke is detected through a series of sirens and alerts. However, in addition to this, there are many add-ons you can use or install to further increase the efficiency of the system and decrease the chances of a fire harming your employees or building.

Tired Of Theft? 2 Security Tips That Might Protect Your Bottom Line

If you feel like your business is being run ragged by theft, you aren't alone. Research has shown that shoplifting costs American businesses a staggering 32 billion dollars each year—destroying profits and putting companies out of business. Fortunately, you don't have to fall victim to dishonest customers and pilfering employees. Here are two security tips that might protect your bottom line: 1: Recognize The Tempting Merchandise One of the hardest things about mitigating retail theft is tracking down the items that are most vulnerable to thieves.

4 Ways Security Systems Can Help Deter Porch Pirate Thefts

Online product delivery allows you to order and have items shipped quickly to your home. While the quick delivery and online access are convenient, package deliveries can also be prone to "porch pirates". These pirates are thieves that look for packages and quickly steal them from a home. Instead of losing out on the items that you purchased online, you can take extra steps to ensure your porch and packages are protected from intruders.