Three Improvements To Modern Home Security Cameras

Security systems are becoming more popular because they give a homeowner piece of mine, but they are also a very good burglar deterrent. There have been significant improvements to security systems over the past few years. One piece of equipment that has been significantly upgraded is a security camera. Here are a few different improvements that have been made to a security camera to make them a fantastic addition to any home security system.


Older cameras that were used were pretty much useless in the dark because they did not have infrared vision. If a burglar broke into the home you might be able to see a little bit of movement on camera, but for the most part you were not going to be able to get very much. However, the new cameras actually utilize infrared vision to have the ability to record at night time. Many burglaries are committed by people that are aquatinted with the owner and the home. You want to be able to catch the individual that took your belongings, and a camera is going to do a very good job of recording what takes place.


Old cameras were only able to record in one location, and had to continuously record. The security cameras that you can get for your home now are able to move continuously. They are able to rotate and look up and look down. This feature makes a new camera much more capable of actually recording the burglar that breaks into your home. The camera is also able to kick on when it senses motion. The cameras on the market now are often turned on and start recording when their is motion. This ensures that you do not have hours upon hours of non important video stored.

Off Site Storage

Cameras of old stored the video footage right inside the camera, but if a burglar was to spot the camera they would take the camera and all the film. This would mean that there is no way you could possibly see what happened. The cameras now are going to be storing all the video footage on a secure website that only you have access to. So, there is no way that a burglar is going to be able to take the evidence with them when they go. You will be able to look up when the burglary occurred and you will be able to see what took place.   

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