5 Ways To Prevent Employee Theft In A Non-Confrontational Way

Protecting the bottom line for your business needs to be done in multiple areas. While your employees should be trusted, your business could lose a lot of money if employees are committing suspicious activities. Instead of confronting employees directly, you can keep your business protected and prove any guilt through a number of commercial security system features. The following five features can be installed into a new security system or adapted to a system that you already have.

Master Key System

One way to help prevent employee theft is by setting up a master key system. A business master key system can be done in one of two ways. The first way is with a hard key system. With this key system, you will have a master key that works on all the locks and access areas in the business. As you delegate responsibility to employees, you can have keys set up for specific areas. For example, a manager may have an access key to the front door of the business and the cash registers while not getting access to your personal office or other areas.

Another master key system that you can have implemented is a key card system. When everyone is assigned their own key card, each card can be programmed to grant access to certain areas. Key cards also give you the ability to log and track employee movement. Digital logs can help you follow employee activity. and seek out any suspicious activities.

Garbage Enhancements

One of the more vulnerable areas in your business is the garbage. Employees may find it easy to sneak items into the garbage and then retrieve them at a later point. By implementing new garbage systems, you can improve security and deter theft from an employee. One of the easiest enhancements you can do is by replacing all of your bags with clear bags. Clears bags make it easy to see contents inside and can help deter theft.

Another way to help deter theft through the garbage is by creating a rotating garbage system. A rotating shift of employees can be assigned different garbage shifts where they are responsible for taking out the trash. This helps set up a system and track the garbage as it is removed from the business.

IP Camera System

Watching over footage after each shift can be a hassle. This can waste hours of time and resources. Create a better system by having a commercial IP camera set-up installed in your business. There are multiple benefits to this system. The first is using the system to act as a deterrent for employee theft. When a system like this is installed, your employees know that you can stream live security footage at any time and through multiple devices like a tablet or smartphone. By knowing this, employees may be less likely to steal from the business.

The second benefit is the alert system that can be installed. For example, motion detectors built into the camera can send you instant alerts and streaming access to specific areas. If the motion detector goes off in a forbidden area, you can see the footage and figure out exactly what is going on.

Sensors & Alerts

Along with motion activated cameras, you can add physical sensors to your store. Through commercial security services, you can monitor and detect when sensors go off. Along with standard entry sensors, small sensors can be used for back rooms, back entrances, and offices inside the business. An audible sensor can also go off inside the business to alert other employees and help deter theft. If an employees feels like they are being watched or monitored, it can help deter suspicious activities.

Employee Watch Dogs

Instead of open accusations and stressful situations at work then you can set up a system for employees to submit reports and any suspicious activities that are seen. One of the easiest ways to do this is with an anonymous email account. By setting up a "Business Reports" account, you can allow employees to contact you without confrontation when they see any suspicious activity. With the information, you can look up details and confirm any accusations.

By working with commercial security systems, you can ensure that your business stays protected and theft is deterred as much as possible without direct confrontations. Talk to security companies like A Tech / Easy Living Store about setting up cameras, key cards, and motion detectors.